Emerald A-frame house

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Whistler, BC, CANADA / Built in 1970's

Three couples, including Jennifer’s parents, bought this A-frame house together as their home away from home in the 1970s.

Their dear family and friends have spent their vacations there since that time.

Now the home is host to Jennifer and her lovely dog, Bonita. 

1970年代に ジェニファーのご両親含め3組のカップルが購入。



Jennifer starts her day by walking Bonita.

Their favorite route goes around a lake close by.

She spends her weekday mornings working online (20 hours/week). After work and on the weekends she loves to exercise, for example riding her bike and stand-up paddleboarding with her friends. 




She’s found her passion in helping the disabled learn to ski.

Winter is the most exciting season for her due to her love of snowy mountains.

"The joy of playing in the great outdoors is for everyone" she smiled.




The first word that came to mind when describing her A-frame house is "cozy".

She always feels warm despite living by herself.

She has traveled to quite a few places in the past but she enjoys her everyday life for now.

A-frame houseの特長は「暖かくて居心地が良い」こと。



Altitude(高度):681m Average temperature(平均気温):-4.7to16.1℃ 

Annual precipitation(年間降水量):1115mm 参照(CLIMATE-DATA.ORG)

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