New-textured A-frame house

最終更新: 2018年10月25日

Nanaimo, BC, CANADA / Built in 1949

"When I was a boy, an A-frame house in our neighborhood was everyone's dream house," said Scott. For Laura, the image of an A-frame house was always in Germany, covered with snow and where people were enjoying hot cheese fondu inside.

『子供時代、近所にあったA-frame houseはみんなの憧れだった』とスコット。

ローラにとって温かいチーズフォンデュが振舞われる、雪に覆われたドイツのスキー小屋がA-frame houseのイメージだったそう。

They were also attracted by the big yard. There are some fruit trees such as a pear tree, an apple tree, and a cherry tree there. The walking trail in the deep forest behind their yard leads us to wander around, as though we were kids. "We're on vacation at home" - Scott's expression remains in my mind.





Scott's favorite spot is the A-frame. He's a big music person with 17 years of DJ experience, and he also plays the piano and the guitar. The back side of the A-frame has shelves with a million CDs and records, and it turns into a dance floor once they have their friends come over!




They used to have a house in the big city, Vancouver, and they both spent a lot of time working. They were fulfilled, but they also had a lot of stress in their lives. They told each other - "let's do only what we want", when they decided to move to their A-frame house.




Both of them love welcoming guests to their home, so that they're planning to open a B&B in a few years. "We're thinking about building two buildings - one for families, and the other for honeymooners." It was so exciting to listen to them talk about their future projects. Maybe the large space of the A-frame helps people's dreams grow larger?




〜 A Message from Laura and Scott to you〜

Just go for it! Embrace it.

Altitude(高度):12m Average temperature(平均気温):2.8to17.7℃ 

Annual precipitation(年間降水量):1063mm 参照(CLIMATE-DATA.ORG)