Log A-frame house


Whistler, BC, CANADA / Built in 1972

44 years ago, three men built this A-frame house by themselves.

The other day, they visited the young couple, Erica and Justin, getting excited as if they had been opening their time cap-cell.

The gentlemen couldn’t hide their excitement with their art that was still in a good shape.

44年前に3人の男が手作りしたA-frame house。



Whistler - both of Erica and Justin were called by the place.

They had never felt this much relieved and secured until they found their home in this A-frame house.

Erica smiled and said “the nest comes first,” having their first baby boy, Cash in her arms.


A-frame houseを「家」にと決めたあの日、心の底から寛ぐことを知ったふたり。


Justin builds biking routes in forests.

He also enjoys working on his place - making steps from the gate to the entrance, putting a drift wood into a pretty lightning, and so on.

We saw their A-frame house growing as time goes by because of its simple structure.



シンプルな構造ゆえに住む人のセンスが光る住人と共に時を刻むA Frame House。