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Log A-frame house


Whistler, BC, CANADA / Built in 1972

44 years ago, three men built this A-frame house by themselves.

The other day, they visited the young couple, Erica and Justin, getting excited as if they had been opening their time cap-cell.

The gentlemen couldn’t hide their excitement with their art that was still in a good shape.

44年前に3人の男が手作りしたA-frame house。



Whistler - both of Erica and Justin were called by the place.

They had never felt this much relieved and secured until they found their home in this A-frame house.

Erica smiled and said “the nest comes first,” having their first baby boy, Cash in her arms.


A-frame houseを「家」にと決めたあの日、心の底から寛ぐことを知ったふたり。


Justin builds biking routes in forests.

He also enjoys working on his place - making steps from the gate to the entrance, putting a drift wood into a pretty lightning, and so on.

We saw their A-frame house growing as time goes by because of its simple structure.



シンプルな構造ゆえに住む人のセンスが光る住人と共に時を刻むA Frame House。

They renewed the roof as soon as they moved into their A-frame house.

They made a fun team with good friends - six men (power and speed) and two women (patience and care).

This traditional A-frame house turned into one that would last for another good 50 years. 



彼らの手でこの伝統的なA-frame houseは、50年持つ家に生まれ変わった。

〜 A Message from Erica and Justin to you〜

We love our A Frame home; it is a simple effective design and so resilient to the extreme weather here in Whistler. Our home was built from the trees that were on the property in 1972. The main attraction in our house is a large wood stove in the center of the room, that sits atop and even larger stone platform. It represents sustainable living and producing a small carbon footprint. Having less space means having fewer things and feelings of contentment.

Our home is bright, cosy and full of love.

Altitude(高度):681m Average temperature(平均気温):-4.7to16.1℃ 

Annual precipitation(年間降水量):1115mm 参照(CLIMATE-DATA.ORG)





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