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Skyline A-frame house


Portland, OR, USA / Built in 1961

"Why don't we move to LA...?" In those days when Anna and Srijon were enjoying that kind of conversation, a FB advertisement for an A-frame house in their area popped up in front of her. It had been waiting for her just ten minutes away. Even though it was her first time seeing an A-frame house, at the very first sight, she could tell that this place would treat her soul better than any other. She found her "home" just ten minutes away by car, not in LA. Srijon was surprised at first but now he loves their home, too.

『気候のいいLAにでも住もうか』・・・そんな風に話していたある日、フェイスブックを眺めていたアンナの前に現れたA-frame house。ポートランドの自宅からたった10分のところに、人生初のA-frame houseは待っていた。「私の魂が安らぐ場所」だと、ピンときた彼女。最初は驚いたスリジョンだったが、今ではこの家を愛しているそう。

In 1961, when this A-frame house was built, it was probably still surrounded by forest. The local art school students were welcomed to join in its planning. What a nice story!



The entrance led me to the living room. I couldn't help but start the interview right away because of my excitement to see the very spacious room. Anna with her four-month daughter, Inez answered my questions first. Inez, rounding her beautiful big eyes stayed calm throughout the interview as if she also welcomed us. She also joined us sometimes by raising her voice happily.



"Space" - Anna needed no time to answer my question "What do you like about your A-frame?" She felt as if she lived in nature thanks to the big front window. Her greenery grows well inside all year around with the sunlight. Srijon who also teaches art at a local school loves the A-framed living room the most and often works here.

『A-frame houseの好きなところは空間の広さ』と即答のアンナ。大きな窓のおかげで自然の中に住んでいるような気持ちになるそう。室内に溢れる植物たちは一年を通して自然光を十分に浴び青々としていた。スリジョンにとってもこのA-frameスペースが一番のお気に入り。美術学校で教鞭を執る彼は落ち着けるこの居間で仕事をすることもしばしばあるそう。

Everything - the roof, walls, windows, and fireplace - was original but the inside was in poor shape. They turned each problem into a fun family project, repairing the floor and painting the walls of its additions...


After spending a good time interviewing Anna, finally I got ready for a tour. It was very kind of Srijon to take me for a tour with care after having given one for my husband already. How spacious their A-frame house was! It was 3,200 square feet on 1.5 acres of land. Their A-frame makes not only Anna who owns a pretty online boutique satisfied with its space but also does so for her two teenaged daughters. A-frame houses are not only for minimalists if you have some good additions. By the way, Srijon, an artist has his own studio to concentrate on his work and an art gallery that half is used for chickens. He welcomes visitors to his exhibition at his gallery "Chicken Coop Contemporary" once a month.

用意していた質問を聞き終え、やっとツアー開始!すでに主人を案内し終えていたスリジョンだったが、丁寧に説明してくれた。それにしてもなんて広いこと!聞けば約6,000㎡の土地に300平米の延べ床面積。オンラインブティックを経営するアンナも2人の娘さんたち(ティーンエージャー)も満足の家。増築を工夫すれば、A-frame houseは決してミニマリストだけのものではないと実感。ちなみに画家のスリジョンは創作活動に専念するため裏庭にスタジオを構え、鶏小屋を改築したギャラリーでは月に一度個展を開催している。

〜 A Message from Anna to you〜

Something unique like an A-frame house encourages your self expression. It's an extension of you because you are unique.


A-frame houseのようなユニークな家は、あなたがあなたらしく在るように励ましてくれますよ。

Altitude(高度):10m Average temperature(平均気温):4.3to20.0℃ 

Annual precipitation(年間降水量):1001mm 参照(CLIMATE-DATA.ORG)





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