Inside-Outside A-frame house


Mill Valley, CA, USA

It's taken so much time to write about this A-frame house, and our "A-frame angel" Paul, since I have a lot to say about him... I'd like to tell you why we came to call him so.


At first, Shingo found his website about a renovation project called "A-Frame Reframe". Paul and his partner, Andrew found a sad little house and decided to help it live again in 2011. Paul sounded very opened and welcoming on his website so we asked him for an opportunity to visit them.

It took us a day to get from Portland, Oregon to Mill Valley, California. It's now a high-end residential area, close to everything: the ocean, the mountains, and the Golden Gate Bridge. They really gave us a warm welcome as if we were old friends.



As soon as we finished a tour of their house, Shingo started measuring some important parts and taking pictures of the house, worrying that he might not have enough time to do everything he wanted. Paul clearly said to me, “Why is he looking at that? I'm not comfortable with it." On the other hand, Andrew spoke more softly... It didn't take much time for us to realize that this visit would improve our trip. With their advice, we made some changes to help other A-frame house owners feel more comfortable with our visits, explaining our project well at the beginning, sending them letters beforehand, and so on.


Paul not only told us his opinions frankly but also helped us a lot. He encouraged us to visit a few more well-designed ones in their neighborhood and got excited with our reports. He and Andrew shared their knowledge and experiences with us to help us have a safe road trip in the big country. (Later Paul supported us mentally and practically when our car broke after a mont