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Inside-Outside A-frame house


Mill Valley, CA, USA

It's taken so much time to write about this A-frame house, and our "A-frame angel" Paul, since I have a lot to say about him... I'd like to tell you why we came to call him so.


At first, Shingo found his website about a renovation project called "A-Frame Reframe". Paul and his partner, Andrew found a sad little house and decided to help it live again in 2011. Paul sounded very opened and welcoming on his website so we asked him for an opportunity to visit them.

It took us a day to get from Portland, Oregon to Mill Valley, California. It's now a high-end residential area, close to everything: the ocean, the mountains, and the Golden Gate Bridge. They really gave us a warm welcome as if we were old friends.



As soon as we finished a tour of their house, Shingo started measuring some important parts and taking pictures of the house, worrying that he might not have enough time to do everything he wanted. Paul clearly said to me, “Why is he looking at that? I'm not comfortable with it." On the other hand, Andrew spoke more softly... It didn't take much time for us to realize that this visit would improve our trip. With their advice, we made some changes to help other A-frame house owners feel more comfortable with our visits, explaining our project well at the beginning, sending them letters beforehand, and so on.


Paul not only told us his opinions frankly but also helped us a lot. He encouraged us to visit a few more well-designed ones in their neighborhood and got excited with our reports. He and Andrew shared their knowledge and experiences with us to help us have a safe road trip in the big country. (Later Paul supported us mentally and practically when our car broke after a month. He made time to look for a new car on the internet for us, even though he was probably really busy.) He also invited Shingo to help with his A-frame house FB page. He introduced us to a publisher to help us to make another step towards one of our goals: publishing a book.

"The greatest gifts in life are those we give to others." He gives a lot of gifts for others. I believe we're not the only ones who think this. It also made us smile to hear Andrew behind him whenever we talked on the phone. They both always found time and gave the best advice every time.


近所にあるA-frame houseについて教えてくれて、その訪問報告を楽しみにしてくれた。広大なアメリカ大陸を渡る私たちの旅への助言をアンドリューと共にしてくれた。(後に車が壊れてしまい立ち行かなくなった時、忙しい中情報を集め何度となく相談に乗ってくれた。)自身が主催するフェイスブックのA-frame houseページの共同運営に誘ってくれた。私たちがこの旅を本にする目標に近づくために、出版社を紹介してくれた。


Their A-frame house was built in 1953 by Wally Reemelin; a licensed mechanical engineer who was interested in efficient architecture.

Once they threw a party for fifty people at their A. Everyone had a good time inside and outside. (Yes, outside since their A has a deck as big as the first floor.) What they love about their A is that it's quirky and cozy.

彼らのA-frame houseは1953年にウォーリン・リームリンという機能的な建築物について興味を持つ機械工によって建てられた。

あるとき、50人もの友人がこの家に集まった。一階の床面積と同じくらいの広さを持つデッキのおかげで、全ての人が内と外で素敵なひと時を過ごしたという。このA-frame houseの風変わりで心地よいところがふたりは気に入っている。

The most impressive feature of their house for me is the open space from the entrance to the living room. It has glass walls and you can see a big tree with bright green leaves outside. Birds rest in it and squirrels run around. For a second, you feel as if you are in the arms of mother nature and forget that you're really in a city.

They're surrounded by what they cherish: local hand-crafted dishes, memorial artwork from their family members and well-designed furniture... In their busy lives as a designer and a real estate agent, their home is the best place to relax.



When we were researching what to do on this trip, there was a message from our A-frame angel. He said, "Now you don't need missions from me any more. I'm very proud of you and all that you've accomplished." We felt so happy that we could almost have cried. It's hard to find a person who involves himself so much to help others like him. Now, he's another role model for us.


Altitude(高度):22m Average temperature(平均気温):9.2to18.1℃ 

Annual precipitation(年間降水量):946mm 参照(CLIMATE-DATA.ORG)





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