Deep forest A-frame house


Bonnie and Nate... They made our home. We often think of them warmly.


Shingo saw their A-frame house on Instagram. "A playful fun wooden house" was the first impression. With our broken car beside us, we sent them a message, asking to visit. Bonnie quickly replied saying, "YES!" How encouraging it was to know somebody was waiting for us, even though we hadn't seen our future car yet. Some comfortable conversations told me about her friendly personality. She told us that her husband, Nate loves Japan and rides 1987 Toyota FJ60. We had the idea to make them a home-cooked Japanese meal as a thank.

インスタグラムで見つけたボニー達のA-frame house。「木で遊んでいる、楽しそうな家」が第一印象。走らなくなった愛車を傍らに車を探している最中送ったメッセージには、すぐ返信が!車は見つかっていないけど私たちを待っている人がいる。どんなにか励まされたことだろう。心地のよいメッセージのやりとりがボニーの友好的な人となりを伝えた。1987年製のトヨタFJ60に乗るという日本びいきのネイトのために家庭料理を作ること提案したら、二人とも和食が大好きだと楽しみにしてくれた。

From Lake Tahoe, I don't remember why but we took a winding road through Eldorado National Forest and Stanislaus National Forest, not the flat road going close to the state capital, Sacramento. It took us half a day. Arnold was a pretty little town that's famous for Calaveras Big Tree State Park. Arnold is popular as a vacation destination. (The next day, Bonnie took us on a driving tour of the town. There were some unique A-frame houses.)

タホ湖から州都サクラメント経由の平坦な道ではなく、なぜかエルドラド、スタニスロース国立森林公園を通るクネクネ道を選び、走ること半日。やっとたどり着いたアーノルドはカラベラス・ビッグツリー州立公園で知られる小さな町だった。別荘地としても人気の町。(二日目ボニーが連れて行ってくれた町内ドライブツアーでは、様々なA-frame houseを見ることができた。)

Their dogs, one-year-old Hedy and ten-year-old Cruz, were so excited to see us and they made the beginning of our 13th visit to "The Teepee” special. Nate had to tell them calm down and Bonnie joined us before long. We were surprised to hear that she had had a job interview at a winery that day. It was hard for us to see that she had a big day because she was full of excitement and had a big smile! We forgot that we also had had a long day thanks to their warm welcome.